Setup Canon EF 8-15mm with NN R1/R10

Canon EF 8-15mm

This is a short description how to setup the Nodal Ninja R1/R10 with Canon EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fish Eye Lens.

I’m using a Nodal Ninja Canon lens ring 8-15mm V2 with Nodal Ninja R1 but it’s the same settings for the V1 lens ring and the R10.

Slide the LRP (Lens Ring Plate) to the NPP (No Parallax Point) setting. There are 3 lines marked on the QR (Quick Release) clamp. Use the center line for distance reading. Other lines are 1.5mm apart from the center line. Use them to assist reading to an accuracy of 0.5 mm. Use the side opposite to the QR handle for best accuracy. Confirm the NPP reading is 1.8 (or 1.825 more precisely).


NPP Setting

NPP setting for 4 shots around at 8mm focal length is 1.8 (1.825). Check that the LRP has “LRP45X” labeled at the base.

For more info, download the pdf’s below.

Lens Ring for Canon 8-15mm
Lens Ring for Canon 8-15mm V2
Nodal Ninja R1/R10 Quick Reference Guide

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