Check the shutter count of your EOS DSLR

Shutter Count

Since I have an old Canon EOS 550D I decided to check the shutter count to see how many pictures I’ve been taking with it. I bought the 550D back in January 2011 and I’ve used it sparingly from time to time until I bought my Canon EOS 6D back in 2013. I sold the 6D last year due to the lack of interest and time to photograph.

When I started to photograph photo spheres this year I had no other choice than to use my old 550D. I will probably upgrade to a EOS 80D or a EOS 7D Mark III (when or if it’s being released). What’s most important to me is the weather sealing of the body. I don’t think I’ll buy a full frame EOS, the APC-S sensor works just fine for me with my EF 8-15mm f/4 L Fish Eye lens and it’s a lot cheaper.



So what about the shutter count? Since I’m a Mac user I’ve been testing the following software and both reports back the same shutter count of 2126 pictures. It means that my 550D is still like new after all these years. 🙂

Download from DIRE Studio
Shutter Count by DIRE Studio

Download from Oleg Orlov

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