af Chapman at Skeppsholmen

af Chapman

Today I went to Skeppsholmen to photograph a new photosphere of af Chapman, a full-rigged steel ship moored on the western shore of the islet Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm.

Skeppsholmen is an island and it’s connected with Blasieholmen and Kastellholmen by bridges.

The photosphere turned out really good and the weather was good with a lot of sunshine.


Equipment used

This photosphere was taken with my Canon EOS 550D and Canon 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fisheye Lens. I used a Sirui P-326S Carbon fibre monopod and the Nodal Ninja R1 head with the RD5 rotator.



All images was shot in RAW and post-processed in Camera Raw, PhotoShop, PTGui Pro and krpano Tools.

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