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Welcome to 360 Photo Sphere!

My name is Roland Meijer and I am a photographer focusing on photospheres. I.e. images where you can look around to the right, left, up and down in 360 degrees. Just as if you were standing right in the middle of the picture.

I’m a member of IVRPA (The International Virtual Reality Photography Association) and a trusted photographer by Google Street View.

I work as a project manager, but since December 2016 I have my own company called Photo Sphere in Gustavsberg. The idea of my company is to photograph 360° panoramas and virtual tours for companies that want to showcase their environments and premises. Because Since I’m approved by Google, I can help you with posting 360° panoramas and virtual tours on Google Maps that customers can see when they search for your company. I also do work for private customers.

I continuously upload new pictures to Google Maps of places I’ve visited.

I have photographed for several years and mostly landscapes because I love the nature and its beauty.

There is nothing new to photograph photospheres, but it’s only now in the last couple of years sale of small agile 360 cameras such as the Ricoh Theta S has begun. They are easy to take with you while taking pictures with surprisingly good quality.
But the most important thing is probably that platforms like YouTube and Facebook have implemented support for 360 videos and images. Which makes it easy to share these amazing 360 experiences with everyone in a simple way.

This is how I started with photospheres

I started to photograph photospheres with my iPhone 6 and Google’s own 360-app “Google Street View” which gave really good results. The problem was that you had to take several pictures and spin around yourself three times to get a full photosphere.

I wanted a more flexible solution so I bought a 360-camera. A Ricoh Theta S, which I always have with me. It’s small and light and you can take a full photosphere with one click. It ‘s also possible to remotely control the Theta S with your mobile phone as it has its own Wi-Fi.

Better quality

To get better results you’ll need a DSLR and post-process the pictures in programs such as PTGui Pro. Until now I’ve been using a Canon EOS 550D with the Canon EF 8-15mm f / 4 USM Fisheye Lens for my photospheres. I recently (December-2016) purchased a new Canon EOS 7D Mark II and it will be my camera of choice from now on.

I took my first DSLR photospheres handheld using a Philopod, which can be a bit difficult but the results were very good.

I’ve bought a pano head to my monopod from Nodal Ninja, the Nodal Ninja R1 with the RD5 rotator. This makes it a lot easier to stabilize the camera lens around the NPP when I take the pictures. I usually take four images every 90 degree and one to two “nadir” pictures to get a full photosphere.

All of my photospheres from Oregon in the United States are taken with a monopod and the Nodal Ninja R1 with RD5. I think that the combination of the monopod and the relatively small pano head is perfect.

Thanks for reading!

That was some brief information about me and how I work, I hope you’ll like what you see on this page!

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Roland Meijer